I have been living for many years in the beautiful Allgäu region near Lake Constance.
In this rural area my puppies are bred as suitable for family dogs. From early childhood
I have felt attracted to the creature wolf. I am enthusiastic about both their fierceness
and softness. That is why this breed of dog has been part of my life for the past 40 years.
An invisible bond connects me with them. This is known as being "soul brother´s "by the
Red Indians. I have had several soul brothers of differing breeds but only the Akita which
has been my soul brother for over 30 years has shown me the real meaning of this term.
A fascinating dog that is not the easiest to keep but very special once you find
the way to its soul.

Once an Akita - always an Akita

The first Akita moved in with us in 1992, a wonderful bitch called Emby from Nobara Ken.
She had the appearance of today's American Akita's, according to the pedigree she had
American ancestors. She developed very well, that's why I toyed with the idea to start
breeding. In the meantime a change to the standards of the Akita Inu was looming.
Our Akita Inu was suddenly no longer a pedigree dog. Therefore, the idea was to breed
first moved. But in order not to lose the versatility of the Akita we continued breeding
some under changed circumstances. Our bitch became a mother, I kept two of her daughters
and we have lived happily and contentedly together with our girls for 15 years.
Now I have again taken up the opportunity to breed the Akita which I have loved and
appreciate so much, this time as a separate breed with its own standard and club.
After many years of watching, learning, and understanding the Akitas and with some acquired
knowledge I see myself in the position to manage a big challenge and the responsibility at
the same time. I decided to take up hobby breeding and that is why you will not find a
large number of pedigrees at my place but family members. I have chosen a small breeding plan,
as I believe every dog should have its needs met by receiving the necessary attention.
That is also why I set the highest value on the choice of the parents.


To breed healthy, strong and well behaved social dogs.
Nevertheless breeders are not gods that can create perfect animals because we are all subject
to the laws and whims of nature. But we can achieve a lot when we are careful and diligent in
selecting the right parents. This is where I see my role and responsibility.

Breeding dogs is a matter of trust

You as a buyer must have trust in the breeder that you will receive a healthy dog.
I as a breeder must trust your information before handing my puppies over to your care. We must
both wish for a long relationship between the owner and dog.

Trust is the beginning of everything

That is why I make it my concern to keep in good contact with the buyers of my dogs. That
is also the reason why we arrange a gathering of all our dogs and owners at least once a year.


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